Lessons from One Year in HR (Video)

Check out the short video below to find out more about the lessons I’ve learned after my first year as an HR pro. The transcript is below the video if you’re the reading type and want to skip my Southern accent of awesomeness. :-)

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Things I\’ve Learned in the Past Year

  1. Despite all the talk, HR is much more transactional than strategic.
  2. A lot of people are comfortable with a transactional role. We discussed that at HRev last year, because everyone knows that ALL HR people can\’t have strategic roles. Someone still has to do administrative stuff. I\’ve kept my eyes open since then and I can definitely tell that some people are just fine with that.
  3. Surviving a mostly transactional role (when you prefer something more strategic) is almost as difficult as getting into HR in the first place.
  4. Having a mentor (preferably not a direct supervisor) can save you a lot of hard lessons.
  5. Building a widespread network is crazy valuable. I couldn\’t begin to put a dollar value on the people I interact with the most.

What do you think? For those of you who’ve been around this profession for a bit longer than a year, what advice would you have for the new people?

When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to reach out and help the new and potential HR pros out there. In recent months, I’ve moved to other topics, but I have plans to do some posts that are more beginner-focused. Have a suggestion for a post? Leave me a comment!