Process Improvement, Presenting Naked, and More (Guest Post Blitz)

I went on a blogging spree a few weeks back and wanted to give a heads up if you don’t read these other fabulous blogs. Check out the 5 posts I wrote and let me know if any of them are helpful, interesting, informative, etc.

Why process improvement matters

Omega HR Solutions-Here I talk about the importance of making time to work “on your area” instead of just “in your area.” It’s a problem small business owners face that we could all use a lesson on. Thanks to Mike Haberman for letting me share with his readers!

Hiring is everything

A Leading Solution-In this post I discuss an amazing software company that has a fanatical approach to hiring. They even take the approach that enough time spent hiring can virtually remove the need for managing staff. Neat ideas here. Thanks to Heather Kinzie for letting me share with his readers!

Presenting naked

HR Ringleader-Ever presented naked? It’s liberating and will change how you think about speaking/presenting. Yes, you know you want to click through to this one. Thanks to Trish McFarlane for letting me share with his readers!

Leveraging generations for organizational change

HR Official-In this post I discuss the important role different generations can play in organizational change initiatives. Hint: use those comfortable with change to champion your cause. Thanks to Dave Ryan for letting me share with his readers!

Social responsibility is crap

Tim Sackett Project-In this post I talk about the push for businesses to “give back” and be “socially responsible.” It’s a thought provoking piece where I encourage leaders to focus on the business first before other areas. After all, employing 50 people is better than providing meals for 50 people, right? Makes you think… Thanks to Tim Sackett for letting me share with his readers!

Fun fact: If you count all the articles I’ve written and include the guest posts like these, the running total is over 675! What the heck have I been rambling about all this time? :-)