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So… Project:Social. What is it? Well, here’s where I explained how the whole social media mentoring idea began. I told everyone to stay tuned for a way to sign up and indicate interest. After you watch the video below (subscribers may need to click through), you’ll see the link to join up. Warning: the video and audio tracks messed up and aren’t synced. Therefore this looks like an old Japanese movie. My lips will be saying something but you’ll hear something else. Just listen well and you’ll get the good stuff. :-)

Here’s the catch: we’re in a “beta” phase for a short time. While anyone can submit their interest, we are going to try to match 3-5 couples and measure the results after a week or two. Then we plan to move forward with the rest of the candidates. Why? Well, we want to work out any kinks so that everyone has the best possible experience, and we’d like to be able to provide a little guidance if necessary until these relationships can get on their feet. Don’t let that stop you from applying, though!

Click here to sign up as a mentor or mentee.

Throughout the whole process Victorio and I have been telling people to share this thing. That’s where the real magic comes in. If you want to tweet about it, here’s the Twitter hashtag: #ProjectSocial (by the end of your mentorship, you’ll know what a hashtag is if you don’t already!). :-) Feel free to email your friends and coworkers. I’d rather have to scramble for mentors than have too many of them sitting around with nothing to do. :-)

And, as always, this is a work in progress. Feel free to share ideas or comments that you think might help us continue moving forward. Don’t forget to sign up if you’d like to help or be helped!

14 thoughts on “Project: Social

  1. Dwane Lay

    Ben –

    Thanks to you and Victorio for getting this going. I’ve registered.

    One suggestion for the sign-up sheet is to allow multiple choices. I’m betting there are people who could help with more than just one category, but are limited to one choice with the radio buttons.

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  3. Inshirah Muhamut

    Hi –

    I’ve signed up as well! I’m excited for this project.

    Inshirah Muhamut

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  6. Charlie Judy

    Count me in – happy to help in any way and at every point I can. And as a tangential component of this, I have undertaken a facelift of HR Fishbowl to be dedicated almost strictly to TrenchHR (professionals who are actually on the ground providing great HR, Human Capital, Recruiting, services to employees every day). This is a banner I’ve been waving for a long time mostly because I believe we need to see more of a balance of feedback and dialog from “real” HR professionals in the social-media-sphere. Interviews, case studies, real life stuff…

    So after you’ve gotten your feet wet, reach out to me and let me know if you want in…we got room for you.

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