Social media mentor update (Project:Social)

It’s been almost two whole months since Victorio and I announced Project:Social, and we have had an amazing response. So far there have been three mentees matched with someone who can teach and guide them in the ways of the social media world. Those groups have been our “beta” testers, and we have received some good feedback from them on their experiences.

I even got to plug Project:Social during the SHRM Leadership Conference social media panel. What a great way to help the volunteer leaders in SHRM to learn how to use social media!

Anyway, our participants have also been prolific, from cross posting on blogs to sharing topics/ideas and more.

Lisa and William

The HR Version of

Project Social: Why Should I be Social Now?

Dave and Laura

5 posts by Dave on his P:S experience

5 posts by Laura on her P:S experience

What you can do

Go here to sign up if you want to be mentored, if you want to mentor, or if you’d like to know more about the program. We are opening up at the beginning of the year to everyone that wants to participate, so get in while the getting’s good. :-)

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