Put up or shut up. That is all.

About a year ago, I was invited by Victorio Milian to share my thoughts on his Put Up or Shut Up Challenge. Here are the main goals I had for 2010.

  • Develop more collaborative projects via upstartHR
  • Work with my local SHRM chapter to be the BEST at what we do
  • Help HR pros everywhere get through their certification process and have awesome careers

So, how did it go?

2010 was, simply put, an amazing year. Here’s how I was able to hit those goals:

  • Helped grow Project:Social
  • Donated hundreds of dollars to charity
  • Developed HRevolution further-reached a larger audience and pulled more people into the movement
  • Gathered almost 500 blog subscribers
  • Continued RocketHR and planning to unveil a new tool soon that will help make it a more powerful value add for our chapter.
  • Stepping into Social Media Director position with NASHRM and bringing on a forward thinking genius to assist
  • Developed community for over 200 SHRM volunteer leaders to connect and share ideas
  • Sold my hundredth Rock the PHR study guide
  • Wrote monthly newsletters to over 200 email subscribers

So with all that fun stuff in the history books, what about 2011?

Put Up or Shut Up in 2011

This year I’ll have a little different focus.

  • Developing my HR career
  • Connecting with HR and business leaders
  • Bringing in more bloggers

It looks like it’s all about me. But it’s not. Really. :-) See, #1 is so I will be able to speak more credibly and write better content on the blog, which provides more information for everyone else out there. Eric Winegardner told me to move up in HR, not out. Working on that.

#2 is so I can help those leaders connect with each other, eliminating duplicated effort and creating this massive brainstorming across the nation. I realized that even though I (and others) have developed some amazing tools for those leaders, they are useless if they don’t know about them.

#3 is so I can help grow the online HR community exponentially. Kind of like I talk about with Project:Social-the more people we have actively engaged in the online HR community, the more organic outreach we have.

But I need a little help

I learned quickly that I can’t do these things alone. #1 is in my hands, but if you know of events I can attend to help me continue growing professionally, I would be glad to hear about them!

If you want to help with #2, then just introduce me to someone who you think I could help. Or introduce someone to me, my blog, or another resource I have created.

Finally, #3 is going to take some commitment from others, but that won’t stop me from giving everything I have to make it happen. If you have something to say but don’t know how to get it out there, reach out to me. I have helped dozens of people start blogs to share their voices with the world.

This upcoming year is going to be amazing. Help me make it the best one yet!

9 thoughts on “Put up or shut up. That is all.

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  2. Daniel Crosby

    Ben, I’m going to really take you up on mentoring me through the blogging world. I’ve loved the response every time I’ve taken the time to put “pen to paper” (fingers to keyboard?) and you remain an inspiration in terms of your consistency and quality.

  3. Nick Koenig

    Awesome job Ben. I enjoy reading your blog. It’s always good to see other young individuals interested in the human capital side of organizations.

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  5. Daniel Rose

    Congratulations on a successful year! I also believe that there is immense value in some trade associations in terms of networking and marketing. Keep up the good work.

  6. Tina

    I’d like to help with #3 (I think). Being newly certified I see we can earn recertification credits by blogging. I believe I have the resources to start a blog (thanks to my smart husband) however, I’m not so sure “how” to blog. What I mean is what to say that will keep people interested in reading what I write. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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