20 Most Popular Posts of 2012

I say it every year, but WOW the past 12 months have flown by. This has been a year of growth and learning as well as loads of fun and friendship. I launched my first study course, and the 5th HRevolution event was a smashing success. Somehow we managed to cram that into one year, and if you were hoping for a break, let me clue you in: I don’t expect next year to be any slower!

That said, let’s take a look at the most popular posts of 2012. These were the posts that received the most traffic (and helped the most people) this year, though not all of them were written in 2012. Have a favorite? See one that looks interesting? Feel free to share with a friend!

  1. How to Get a Job In HR-perennial crowd favorite
  2. How to Create a New Hire Welcome Letter (barely edged out its sibling below)
  3. Crafting a Welcome Letter to New Employees
  4. How to Write Job Postings that Don’t Suck-this guest post from my friend Dr. Daniel Crosby is still going strong
  5. Corporate Culture Examples-looking at how some companies use culture
  6. How to Ask Questions During an Investigation-HR. Employee Relations. Investigations. Need I say more?
  7. HR to Employee Ratio-looking at how many HR pros you need at different employee base numbers
  8. 4 Things Great HR Pros Know-strangely enough, this is found by people googling “4” more than anything else!
  9. Benefits of Performance Appraisals-looking at how these tools can help businesses and people
  10. 50 Human Resource Challenges-a great list of ways to get your HR team fired up to kick off 2013
  11. Comments for Performance Reviews-what do you say on those things, anyway?
  12. New Hire Orientation eBook-the free guide to onboarding and new hire orientation
  13. Employee to HR ratio-close cousin to the other post above with a similar name
  14. How to Get a Press Pass as a Blogger-probably being searched by PR and newsy-type people, but it’s a neat tip
  15. Entry Level HR Jobs-the first ultimate guide and one of the most requested pieces of info by new HR pros
  16. How to Establish Credibility-because we all need it, and we could all use just a little more
  17. How to Run a One Person HR Department-funny that I wrote this before I actually did it, and now that I do it I haven’t written anything on the topic (anyone interested???)
  18. How to Stop Nepotism at Work-a great question and some phenomenal support from readers
  19. Should I Get an MBA or a PHR or SPHR?-The timeless question for those of us with limited time, money, and patience
  20. PHR Study Materials (Cheap and Free)-Because we’re not all rolling in cash
  21. Employee Retention eBook-free guide covering employee retention best practices
  22. Employee HR Portal-what to put in an employee HR portal, how to build one, etc.

So you got just a bit more than 20, but I’m all about exceeding expectations.

Did you have a favorite post in 2012? What was it? Why?