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The quietest guy you’ll ever meet…

AKA Eric Winegardner Interviews Himself

I had the opportunity to sit down with Eric Winegardner from Monster during the Monster/Smartbrief on Workforce video series. If you’ve never met me in real life, let me just say this: I’m shy. I’m quiet. I don’t really talk a heck of a lot.

That might surprise you, but it’s true. It takes some people a while to realize it, but I really do know and understand that you learn more by listening than by talking. So I was more than a little nervous to sit down with this brilliant guy and talk on camera. Maybe I’ll get better with practice (I certainly hope so!), but here’s all you have to go with for now…

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By the way, I counted. I talked for one minute and twenty seconds out of a four minute video. I’m so glad Eric is chatty and saved me from mass goofiness. :-)

Eric mentioned redefining the value of a SHRM membership. I’m definitely on that. We talked about my passion being something that attracts others. I have more than enough to share. Eric touched on music selections at SHRM conferences (which should be a universally acceptable topic!), and my brilliant response was what? “I don’t listen to music.” It’s true, but I should have winged it with something ultra-cool. :-) I usually just ride in silence and record notes and ideas that roll through my head. I wrote a few more thoughts about what I thought of the annual SHRM conference over on the RocketHR blog for my local SHRM chapter. Check it out!

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#SHRM10: newbie lessons, my plans, and your thoughts

So… I’m going to the  SHRM10 conference! Check out the video below. I also have my video notes below for your immense enjoyment.

Shout Outs and Link Love

megaphone shout outToday I’m giving a few shout outs. Why? Because people are doing great things and I don’t want you to miss out.

I had the opportunity recently to speak with Mike Haberman of Omega HR Solutions and author of the HR Observations blog. I’ve been reading Mike’s blog for almost a year now, and he is darn brilliant. His experience and passion show through his work, and I am glad we made contact. There are some amazing posts in his archives, but make sure you check out the recent ones he wrote on the idea of a free agent nation being alive and well and HR survival lessons from Drucker. Continue reading