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Featuring HRevolution Sponsors Doe Anderson and Fusion Frames

This is the second post in the HRevolution sponsor series, and I am excited to talk about two more amazing organizations who really understand the significance of this HR and social media event.

Doe-AndersonLogo 4C


You\’ve heard me talk before about how important it is to turn employees into brand champions. One of the first things I learned about Doe-Anderson was so similar to that thought that it looks like I snagged it from their own site (and hey, it\’s a great idea, so why not share?).

Creating brand enthusiasts is at the heart of all we do. We know that creating deep and lasting relationships with a brand’s core customers, regardless of the business category, is the most efficient method of growing our clients’ businesses.

Wow. The Brand Enthusion idea sounds powerful, right? I thought so, too. Doe-Anderson is a full-service national agency specializing in all areas of communication, PR, advertising, and more. I know I speak for the rest of the team when I say “thank you” to them for their support.

And it just wouldn\’t be right if I didn\’t also give a hat tip to Crystal Peterson of Doe-Anderson for being indispensable in the planning process for HRevolution.

fusion frames

Fusion Frames

I\’ve seen Lyn Hoyt tweeting here and there, but until I actually had a chance to email with her back and forth, I never realized just how excited she was about the event. It hit me full force when she emailed me this little ditty:

Fusion Frames thinks it will take all areas of HR (tech, generalists, law, recruiters, vendors, etc) to collaborate and formalize cutting edge methods for using social media in HR. HRevolution represents a real learning and sharing opportunity. To meet people in person that I have been sharing information with online is the real benefit. In the end it is all about people communicating and team building. That is what HR is all about.

It almost brings a tear to my eye! Wow! But what Fusion Frames does is quite serious. They design, supply, and sell stock and custom frame award products to businesses and nonprofits. Unlike other similar companies, they are heavily invested in social media and the online world. Lyn is a new blogger (and her HRevolution anticipation post was absolutely amazing!), and I for one am thrilled to see where she is headed. The Fusion Frames brand is complemented with a partner site that specializes in only award certificate frames of the 8-1/2”x11” variety. Looking for a sweet frame to jazz up your wall? Go with Fusion Frames.

Just as a teaser, I know that Lyn has a special surprise for each of the attendees at HRevolution, so make sure you come prepared!