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10 Simple Truths of Great Service at #SHRM10 (Video)

I’m working with the Monster Street Team to cover the SHRM annual conference. Click here for the whole story.

Here’s a short video I shot during a break. I talk about the great session I was able to hit on customer service earlier today. Check below the video for a few highlights of the session.

(Subscribers may have to click through to view.)

Great customer service

  • It’s not just for external customers. Apply it internally and you may benefit as well.
  • Shift your bell curve. If you aim for standard service or you\’ll fall short half of the time. Aim for amazing service and you\’ll be above average most of the time.
  • Great service trickles down. There are times that the business impact of providing a knock-your-socks-off level of service might seem minimal. While business impact may not be immediate, it will come out somewhere down the line. Ever heard of Zappos?
  • Customer needs are fairly simple (even if they’re not always easy).
  • Companies need to find and share their own service legends. Organizations should collect and internally share customer service stories. One neat idea is to aggregate them and create a small booklet to share with employees.

I wrote on customer service recently on my other blog. Have any stories about amazing service that you care to share?

Quick Hits from Sunday at #SHRM10

This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity and the big stuff hasn’t even started just yet. As I’ve said before, I’m working as a part of the Monster Street Team to cover the event. Here’s the whole backstory. I have a few pieces of content in the works, and here are a few quick snippets I can share from my barely registering brain cells. :-)

  • I’m here to cover leadership, culture, and other related topics. You can keep the total rewards, legislative updates, etc. :-)
  • Matt, Lisa, Eric, Janet, and Kathy (all of them are Monsters) are just amazing. Seeing all of their hard work going into this event to make things amazing for the participants is just wild. Keep up the great work, people.
  • Neat survey stuff coming from the SHRM research lab hidden deep in an underground bunker somewhere in DC.
  • John Hollon hits the keynote by Steve Forbes with heavy criticism.
  • This thing is so incredibly huge for someone who’s never done it before. Who knew that HR was this big?
  • Corporate lactation was a big topic at the Sunday night Monster planning session. Yeah, you heard me right. Having two dudes running a lactation booth is wrong in so many ways.
  • There was a wild mob just before the keynote. Click for the video.
  • SHRM10 has 30% more participants than last year (11,000 total). I’m hoping that’s because they want to learn something and not just because it’s in California. ;-)
  • I met with my friend Terri Zaug from HRCP and it was fantastic. I’ve been working with them for almost a year and it was great to finally meet in person. If you’re looking at getting certified, hit them up and tell them I sent you.
  • I met another pal, Cori Curtis with Baudville, and I got a sweet bag with goodies that says, “I put the HR in HERO.” :-) I think you’ll enjoy some of their fun stuff that’s all about helping to make work more fun and encouraging for people, so drop by and get some goodies.
  • SHRM’s team is doing some great work. Keep it up, people!
  • During the press briefing (and all through the day yesterday) I kept hearing about the work that SHRM is doing with veterans. I think it’s great that they are making an effort to reintegrate our fighting men and women into the workforce.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can make out for now. Anyone else see or do anything great?

#SHRM10: newbie lessons, my plans, and your thoughts

So… I’m going to the  SHRM10 conference! Check out the video below. I also have my video notes below for your immense enjoyment.