The Buddy System (#HRevolution 2013)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably know that HRevolution 2013 is coming. The agenda is out. We have some great things planned. But some of you still don’t understand what the whole thing is about.

I’ll admit–it’s slightly unnerving. We promote this thing as a participatory event. It’s not just another opportunity to sit at the back of a room, hear a speaker blab for an hour, and collect your HRCI recertification credits.

We want people to talk, share, converse, and interact with the rest of the participants. If you’ve attended previously, I want to challenge you to bring someone with you. We’ll call it the HRev Buddy System. It’s your job to help them understand the format, content, and event at a high level.

For those of you who haven’t been, this is your chance to jump in. If this recent post spoke to you at all, then HRevolution is an event that you would enjoy. It isn’t the everyday HR seminar. It’s so much more. We’d love to welcome you to the family, even if we don’t always agree on everything (hint: if we both agree on everything, then one of us is redundant!).

Plus you get fun sessions like HR Improv, point/counterpoint with people who aren’t afraid to share their ideas, and more.

Vegas housing is crazy. Many of us share rooms (though certainly not necessary), so if that’s a sticking point, let me know and we can discuss options. We don’t want little things like room or travel costs to get in the way of “in the trenches” HR pros attending this unique event.

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