WOH 63: 5 Lessons from the Best Midsize Employer in the US

What does it take to be a best place to work? Or, perhaps a Best Place to Work, in official terms?

In this episode, Ben recaps some of the key ideas and pointers shared by Juanita Philips, VP of Employee Experience at Intuitive Research in Huntsville, AL. Intuitive has won awards as the best midsize employer in the United States several times, and Juanita opens her team’s playbook so everyone can pick up ideas on how to craft amazing employee experiences.

She covers everything from the role of managers to hiring practices and more, but her warning is one that we all should take to heart. And her story about visiting a fellow “best place to work” will make you laugh! Check out the show and let Ben know how much you enjoyed it: ben.eubanks@lhra.io

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