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tell meSince my beautiful girls were born, I have been sleep deprived beyond my wildest imaginings. :-) Paradoxically, I’ve had my brain crushed with different ideas to write on. The only issue is that some of them are probably pretty crappy, and my filter isn’t up to snuff at this point. So I crowdsourced my thinking and let you guys tell me what you wanted to hear. Each of the commenters listed below will receive a $10 gift card for their help. Those cards will be used to donate to a project to help others around the world courtesy of GlobalGiving. Thanks again for your help, ladies and gentlemen!

I would like to see ideas about how a person would use their GPHR designation. It sounds fun and interesting to have that specialty, but if someone is not already working in an international assignment (or if they want to try a new twist) what are some of the options for work? It would be great to learn about some of the world changing positions to which we can aspire!

Laurel Picard
I think that Succession Planning is probably one of the toughest things to approach as a young HR professional. So many companies are facing critical skilled labour shortages, but young HR professionals don\’t always have the experience to address this issue.
It ties in nicely with all sorts of other good HR topics too, like leadership development and flexible work arrangements.

Steve Browne
I\’d like you to talk about passion for the field. I\’m excited that young HR professionals are much broader in their scope, desire and balance. How are they going to maintain that in a workforce that tends to want to limit passion and creativity?

From personal experience, it takes a determination and an environment that fosters true passion, but I\’d love to hear your take on it!

Michael Haberman
I would like you to address the issue of being a young MAN in a profession now dominated by women. How have you been accepted by your employer, by your peers, and by your local HR leadership? Anything special you have had to do to gain credibility?

Lois Melbourne
Since you are a new Daddy I would like to hear from a man\’s perspective the balancing act of family and work. How can companies help Dads with this balance too.

Bruce Dodge
I think that perspectives on what really builds engagement on a company Facebook site and what prospective recruits are looking for when they check it our would be great.

Latina Culture
What about dealing with “overqualified” people who would do a great job and really need the job? How do you deal with the “fear” or concern they may be in the job for only a year and then look to internally promote?

How about the relationship between HR and the managers of the company? By bringing value and tools to them, you grow as a trusted partner and resource.

This leads them to go to you first before issues grow out of control. You can touch on ongoing training programs HR can implement to help managers recruit, coach, identify, and prevent potential problems and issues.

Look for posts coming to answer these questions in the coming weeks! If you have something that you would like to add (but you missed the cutoff), just let me know in the comments below. I’m sure the sleep deprivation will last for a while. :-)

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