An apology and a few shout outs

Technical difficulties

Hey, everyone! If you’ve dropped by the site (or checked your email/RSS subscriptions) in the past 24 hours, you might have seen some wacky stuff. My original website was set up on When I moved to, I had to redirect the old website. Yesterday that redirection failed for a little while, causing the old website to show and my old posts to be reposted to RSS/email. If you were caught up in that snafu, I’m sorry about that!

I haven’t done shout outs in a while, so here are a few that need sharing…

  • Steve Boese for keeping a sense of humor despite the fact that I rarely get to listen to the live HRHappyHour show. But you should, because it rocks!
  • Eric, Lisa, Matt, Kathy, Janet, and anyone else at Monster who helped get that baby box together. Rockin’ awesome.
  • Alison Green for having faith and leaping into a project with me.
  • Chris Ferdinandi for writing his book, being a good friend, and giving me the initiative to create some social media training for my own organization.
  • Dave Ryan for the comments and compliments from HRevolution. I still remember the conversation vividly!
  • Steve Browne for kicking butt, taking names, and not taking “no” for an answer when it comes to HR and social media.
  • Chuck Salvetti for taking a chance on me.
  • Stephen Harrison for working his tail off to make sure HRFL was totally amazing.
  • Laurie Ruettimann for sending me a Mountain Dew shirt just because.
  • And lastly, my amazing wife. She has been through a roller coaster of emotions as we’ve brought our new babies home, and despite my sleep-deprivation-induced-attitude, she makes my world go around.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. :-)

2 thoughts on “An apology and a few shout outs

  1. Melanie


    You do love me! Guess what? I love you more!

    Have a wonderful day! I can’t wait to see you.



  2. Steve Boese

    No need to apologize, are you kidding? You have plenty more important things to take care of! Hope all is well with the baby girls and have a fantastic Labor Day weekend.

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