3 HR and Recruiting Tools I’ve Used Lately

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been bombarded at work lately (hence the low number of posts!). Some of that busyness is driven by projects I’m working on (recruiting, baby!). Other parts of it are self-imposed, because once I have an idea I have a hard time letting it go. The good part for you, though, is that you get to enjoy the fruits of that labor and investigation! Here are the three free HR and recruiting tools I’ve been playing with lately.


This is a free ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that I use for recruiting where I work. While it’s not as robust as a paid service, it has some amazing features. Plus, it completely blows away our old way of doing recruiting. Opening up an HTML editor, coding a job ad by hand, and posting it on our own website. Then applicants had to email their resumes if they were interested.


Now I post a job in my SmartRecruiters menu, automatically share that across free job boards like Indeed.com (one of the largest job aggregators around), and get notifications when people apply. Then I log into the system and do a quick screen before sharing it with the hiring manager for review. Very simple and such a relief for an HR/recruiting department of one person!

Fun @ Work from Baudville

This is a (free) handy PDF guide with 52 ways to have fun at work included. I am always looking for new ideas to keep lines of communication open across the organization, and I have really dug into this guide to find some ideas lately. With all of the stress of work and life that employees are dealing with these days, why not help them have some fun @ work?

Zappos Culture Book

If you’ve heard of Zappos, you know that they have a legendary corporate culture. It’s unique, and it’s a differentiator for them. Employees love being there. Customers love shopping there. It’s really an amazing phenomenon. Well, in my relentless pursuit of corporate culture development, I ran across the Zappos Insights website where you can order a free Culture Book! If you sign up for one, you’ll receive it in about a week. I just got mine and have already started seeking out ideas.

And that’s how I’ve been spending a portion of my time lately! Anyone else have any neat, free tools that they use as HR or recruiting professionals? 

5 thoughts on “3 HR and Recruiting Tools I’ve Used Lately

  1. April

    Thanks for sharing. Even though I’m part of a larger HR team, I still have a number of dept-of-one moment (especially in recruiting).

  2. Krista

    I’ve used SmartRecruiters before and I didn’t find it as user-friendly as some others, but you can’t beat the price tag! I also tried Simplicant and Resumator and liked them both, but I ended up going with a different ATS that has better EEO data collection and reporting, just in case of an audit.

    I’ll check out the fun @ work!

  3. Rebecca

    These are really great tips, thank you! You always give such practical, useful tips and resources that you can use in any workplace. Whether you’re an HR Dept. of 1(I can relate), or a bigger HR dept., these are really neat resources that are affordable. Thanks again!

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