What I’m doing and not doing today

In the past few weeks I’ve written in spurts. Sometimes I’ll get a lot of posts out and sometimes it’s more of a trickle. Sometimes I get guest posts out to help other people keep up their frequency even though mine sometimes is lower than I’d like. Well, I had intended to write a post today. But then I remembered that I have something more important going on.

Next Tuesday (September 14th), I am going to be speaking at my local SHRM chapter’s luncheon. Yeah, I’m kind of surprised, too. :-)

It all started when a few of the chapter officers followed some links from the SHRM chapter blog that I write. Those links led to some different posts here, and they reached out to me to see if I would be interested in talking to the chapter.

I am so not interested in talking about me for an hour, so I’m trying to make it about the audience and how what I have learned can benefit them. So far I’ve narrowed it down to two big things: passion and professional development.

Everything I do outside of work springs from my passion for this field. And that enthusiasm has led to some amazing professional development opportunities, including attending the SHRM10 conference, cofounding HRevolution, participating in my local SHRM chapters’s mentoring group, and chairing the HRYP committee for SHRM. Just for kicks, I also want to share things I’ve screwed up on, because that’s how I (and everyone else) learns the hard lessons.

So, I’m not writing a blog post today. Not at all. I’m writing the outline for my presentation. Nothing to see here. Move along. :-)

2 thoughts on “What I’m doing and not doing today

  1. Robin Schooling

    Ben….how great that your local chapter leaders are having you speak! You wiil be engaging and interesting and when you speak about the things you enjoy that will shine through! All my chapter seems to do now is schedule attorneys to speak Trust me, they provide ZERO inspiration.

    p.s. Expect to be hit up for chapter membership while there…;)

  2. Ben Post author

    @Robin I’m both excited and terrified. :-) Thanks for the vote of confidence. And blarg on the attorneys.

    I’m already a member and a volunteer, so that’s one thing I won’t have to worry about! :-)

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