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I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped about HRevolution 2010. We have some great things in store. While we haven’t yet shared some of the information on speakers/topics, there is still a core group of people who are fervent supporters. It’s amazing to see how popular this event that I helped to create is really becoming. I and the other planners really appreciate all of the support and hope to make this one twice as good as the last!

In that vein, I have asked some of last year’s attendees and some of this year’s newbies to give me a little bit of information about why they want to attend and what they are looking for from the event. It was enlightening and I hope you enjoy the responses as much as I have. And make sure you check out the HRevolution Preview on HR Happy Hour!

Chris Frede

Why did you sign up for HRevolution 2010?

I signed up for HRE 2010 to meet a lot of very smart people – and I have to say that starts with the planning committee. In addition, the list of attendees is outstanding. I look forward to meeting those who I have connected with on Twitter. I am excited to speak with them and get ideas about social media, HR and blogging. I regret that I was unable to attend HRE 2009 and was not going to make that mistake again!

What do you expect to get out of the event?

I expect to get a lot of great ideas out of this event. HR ideas, social networking ideas, talking with others that are successful in the social media space. A lot of networking, I want to meet people!

What’s the #1 thing you are looking forward to?

I am looking forward to experiencing an unconference.

If you could say one thing to somebody that’s on the fence about attending, what would it be?

The interactive format of this conference is a great reason to attend. Those who attended last year spoke very highly about it.

Any other random comments? :-) I cannot wait!

Chris Frede is the author of HR Buoy, a relatively new (and darn good) blog about HR and recruiting.

Matthew Stollak

Why did you sign up for HRevolution 2010?

The price for HRevolution 2009 was $50 and it delivered at least 4 times that value. With the $100 price for HRevolution 2010, I know I am going to get at least 8 times that value. I should know….I teach statistics. :-)

What do you expect to get out of the event?

Good and salty conversation both in person as well as on the Twitter backstream, and good material and ideas to share with my students.

What’s the #1 thing you are looking forward to?

Trish McFarlane’s interpretive dance session on Material Safety Data Sheets

If you could say one thing to somebody that’s on the fence about attending, what would it be?

Get off the fence….those spikes are rather pointy. If not that, that you would be missing out on very relevant conversations about HR.

On a clear day, Matt Stollak (akaBruno) can see Lambeau Field from his window.

Robin Schooling

Why did you sign up for HRevolution 2010?

I was majorly bummed I had to miss HRevolution09 but at least I was able to follow along via the twitter stream and the “live” HRHappyHour show during the lunch break.  I vowed then and there I would attend in 2010.

What do you expect to get out of the event?

I expect to fly home with (1) energizing ideas that I can implement for my own ongoing personal learning; (2) exciting concepts that I can implement in my organization to keep us moving to the next level; and (3) practical options for revitalizing the conference/workshop/seminar concept in the state of Louisiana; we need to redefine how we reach our audiences at the chapter and state level for a variety of organizations (SHRM ASTD, etc).

What’s the #1 thing you are looking forward to?

As this will be my first unconference, I\’m most looking forward to getting great content without being “talked TO.”  I\’m anticipating the interactions, conversations and discussions that will occur amongst this group of awesome people who I have grown to admire.  And it goes without saying I cannot wait to meet these HR/recruiting colleagues IRL!!

If you could say one thing to somebody that’s on the fence about attending, what would it be?

Challenge yourself to move beyond your traditional concept of an HR Conference or professional event. If you truly enjoy listlessly moving from room to room, watching PPT slideshows, taking notes and not interacting with people, then you can find any number of events that fill the bill.  But if you want to converse, learn, talk, argue, laugh, make a point/concede a point – then come join us in Chicago.   Also, I may buy you a drink.

Any other random comments?

OK, the real reason I didn\’t attend HRevolution09 was because I had tickets to the 11/8 Saints v. Carolina Panthers game as we marched on our way to SuperBowl44 (final score of the game – NO:30 Carolina:20). So, obviously, I had more pressing priorities.  Who Dat!

Robin Schooling is a Louisiana resident, an HR Boomer/Gen X cusper, a super-fan of LOST, and is worshipped as a goddess by her 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Oh, and she is pretty tired of generational labels.

Krista Francis

Why did you sign up for HRevolution 2010?

Having attended HRevolution 2009, it was hard to think about *not* going to the event in this year. I don’t want to be left out of the fun.

What do you expect to get out of the event?

A shot of energy, ideas on how to move my blog forward, and some good conversation about HR and life.

What’s the #1 thing you are looking forward to?

Cool prizes from (Note from Ben: Eric at Monster brought some sweet stuff last year!)

If you could say one thing to somebody that’s on the fence about attending, what would it be?

Just look at the list of attendees! There are so many big names in the world of HR blogging and social media. If you don’t know them, google a few and I think you’ll be impressed. An unconference gives you the opportunity to approach and rub shoulders with and learn from/with these people.

Any other random comments?

:-) I employed my HR skills to convince my husband that yes, it was a good idea for me to attend this conference in Chicago even though 5/7 is our five year wedding anniversary. That’s how much I wanted to go.

Krista Francis is the author of HR Alive. She’s a good friend and a trusted mentor of mine.

Lisa Rosendahl

Why did you sign up for HRevolution 2010?

I signed up for HRevolution 2010 because of my experiences at HREvolution 2009. I remember walking into the hotel lobby and seeing Steve Boese and Joan Ginsberg – even though this was the very first time I was meeting them, I recognized them immediately and felt as though I’ve know them for ages. See, we connected on Twitter and meeting Steve, Joan and so many others in real life for the first time was surreal.

So, connections is one big reason I am attending. The other? Ideas. There are a lot of smart, savvy, creative, innovative, deep thinking people out there and HRevolution provides a forum to bring these people together to hash out ideas, brainstorm and learn from each other is a casual, yet very dynamic setting.

What do you expect to get out of the event?

I expect to meet others in real life – especially The HR Maven – reconnect with friends from 2009 and oh yes, have my thoughts challenged, my ideas encouraged and to leave with a head of swirling thoughts to ponder. I expect to offer my experiences to others, run with Franny-O and maybe, just maybe, stay up past midnight.

What’s the #1 thing you are looking forward to?

The people.

If you could say one thing to somebody that’s on the fence about attending, what would it be?

Don’t think, just come. It will worth your time in gold.

Any other random comments? You are one cool dude. (Many thanks, Lisa.) :-)

Lisa Rosendahl blogs at Simply Lisa, is on Twitter (@lisarosendahl) and can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

Shauna Moerke

Why did you sign up for HRevolution 2010?

Because I know the event will be fun, informative, and it’s a great opportunity to meet people.

What do you expect to get out of the event?

I expect to deepen my online connections in meaningful ways and to have my brain engaged and challenged by new ideas.

What’s the #1 thing you are looking forward to?

Hanging with my BFF April and getting involved in shenanigans.

If you could say one thing to somebody that’s on the fence about attending, what would it be?

Dude, get off that fence and sign up! Did humpty dumpty teach you nothing? Fence sitting is dangerous.

Any other random comments?

Monkey. Well, that’s not really a comment, it’s more of a declarative statement.

Shauna Moerke is a monkey-loving gal and an HR Minion.

If these haven’t turned you into a believer, then I don’t know what will! Make sure you head over to the HRevolution site and learn more or purchase a ticket.

13 thoughts on “HRevolution-Why You Have to Come

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  2. Steve Boese

    Great job taking a read of some of the past attendees, as well as some people coming for the first time. It will be a fantastic event for sure. If you are still on the fence though, listen to the HR Happy Hour show tonight for a special HRevolution 2010 preview. After the show, I am sure you will be convinced!
    .-= Steve Boese´s last blog ..Missing the Health Care debate =-.

  3. Trish McFarlane

    Ben- MOST AWESOME POST EVER!!! Matt will be happy to know I’m busy rehearsing my interpretive dance moves for Material Safety Data Sheets. It’s coming along quite nicely and I’ve added Mike Krupa, Jason Seiden, Paul Hebert, and Mark Stelzner as my backup dancers. lol

    I am thrilled to see so many people coming back for the 2nd time and so many new names on the participant list. I guarantee that it will be fun, interactive, informative, and you will definitely head home thinking differently about HR, recruiting, and social media. See you all in May!

  4. Chris Frede

    I did not realize Trish was doing her interpretive dance, WOW! Cannot wait to see that – I am even more excited! Thank you Ben for compiling this feedback. I am very excited to meet everyone in person, learn a lot and HAVE FUN!

  5. Jason Seiden

    as our unofficial tagline says, you have something to say, and that’s not a question!

    I’ll add my two cents here: I’ve met a good number of the attendees, and I’m confident that when this group comes together to address issues related to hr and strategy, social media, and “free agent” employees… and is then unshackled from traditional conference constraints, great things will result.

    Great post, Ben.
    .-= Jason Seiden´s last blog ..You\’ll Never Know the Truth. Move On. =-.

  6. Mark Stelzner

    Terrific post Ben. It’s terrific to hear about the motivations and expectations of attendees. Plus, now I know to pack my dancing shoes! :) Well done!

  7. Teresa Morris

    I didn’t know if it was possible for me to look forward to HRevolution any more than I already am, but this post sure did the job (nice work as usual, Ben!). Even though my real job is only partially HR and mostly Finance/Accounting, I’m still so stoked about meeting all of you awesome folks and connecting in person.

    Reading all your blogs makes me a better manager, and I’m trying to spread that love throughout my organization wherever possible to encourage people to do the right thing. It’s a lot harder than you’d think!

  8. Robin Schooling

    I cannot wait to get there; I am jazzed! And we will need to help Krista celebrate her anniversary; maybe we can get her husband on speaker-phone while at the Friday night tweet-up.

  9. Michael Krupa

    Great post. I also can’t wait to meet smart people, watch Trish McFarlane’s interpretive dance session, challenge myself, get cool prizes from, meet The HR Maven (and Lisa Rosendahl), get involved in shenanigans with Shauna and April and (apparently) be a backup dancer. Seriously, I can’t wait to meet and experience all the great people and ideas and hopefully communicate some of my own ideas. See you in Chicago amigo.
    .-= Michael Krupa´s last blog ..SaaS does not require just as much IT support =-.

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