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HR Ninja Shirts On Sale

HR Ninja ShirtI know the feeling. You’re doing your best to look like you know what you’re doing with this whole HR thing, but some people just don’t understand your ninja prowess.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

Click here. Snag a shirt for 35% off (through Thursday, 3/24/11) with the coupon code DEALIO. Wear it proudly.

If you click the blue shirt at the link above you’ll see a women’s version on the following page if you’d like to get that style instead. You can also send me a picture when you wear the shirt and I’ll use it in a blog post!

HR Ninja Course Week One

Social Media NetworkingIn an effort to bring more people to the free HR Ninja course, I’m going to go through the lessons myself and post my updates as it goes along.  Enjoy!

Weekly Topic

This week was all about networking and making connections. The final challenge of the lesson was to take advantage of the social media tools available to crank networking up beyond the ordinary “here’s-a-business-card-now-we’re-buddies.”

Weekly Challenge Continue reading

How to be an HR Ninja

When I participated in a collaborative eBook project recently, I really looked forward to seeing the finished result. However, even though it was a relatively short and to the point guide, I had a hard time focusing on all of the different thoughts. With so many great avenues to pursue, I struggled to do well in any of the areas. So I created a short worksheet and used it to draw some useful, actionable, and personalized takeaways from the guide.

Then I realized how powerful that could be for others.

So I took the eBook (thanks to Chris for using a Creative Commons license that allows me to spread the content to anyone I choose) and chopped a few of my favorite pieces out, formatted them into lessons, and created a few resources to help you get everything you can out of this free (but VERY valuable) content. Interested? Here’s what you have to do: Continue reading