The Secret to Great Team Performance May Surprise You [Podcast]

The way we have done business in the past–it’s not going to work in the future. The world is volatile, complex… There’s rapid change. We have to change ourselves. It’s not making a change with tech or tools, it’s about the soft things: thanking people, helping them articulate the mission, helping them with careers. We have to be hard with the business, soft with people. -Adrian Gostick

If this concept inspires you, then this episode of We’re Only Human is going to get you excited about how to drive performance within your organization. I believe so strongly in the ideas in this book that I’ve worked with the publisher to set up a contest to give away a few copies! Here’s how it works:

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Show Notes

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What does it take to win as a team? How do we encourage each of our people to deliver the best performance without taking a bland “peanut butter spread” approach to management? Is there a secret to what high-performing teams do differently from the rest?

In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben speaks with authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton about their new book The Best Team Wins. Gostick and Elton have authored numerous books on team performance, motivation, and culture, and they are globally recognized experts in the field.

The discussion focuses on everything from collaboration technologies (hint: they don’t solve for team performance issues) to how to manage individuals in a way that drives engagement. In fact, the discussion even delves into micromanagement and the times that employees actually crave the attention of a micromanaging leader in their careers even if not in their daily work tasks.

Finally, the conversation wraps up by exploring concepts such as rapid onboarding of new hires to get them to full productivity, how one company pays new employees to NOT work in their jobs for the first 90 days, and the secret to how a NASA mission commander was able to lead a highly motivated and engaged team for months in close quarters without suffering a single dispute or issue among the team.

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