5 thoughts on “Why HR Matters to Me

  1. Ben, good post. I always enjoy hearing how others got into our profession. I love it when someone actually starts out with HR in mind and it doesn’t surprise me that you did.

  2. @John I love hearing that stuff, too. Back when I was in college I’d email people just to hear their stories about how they got started. It’s great stuff for aspiring HR pros to hear!
    @Ben I’m planning on dying right here in this chair. Just hopefully not soon. ;-)

  3. Ben, this really made me smile. I’m honored.

    You’ve done a lot and have provided a lot of leadership in HR. HRevolution is awesome…your PHR teaching is so cool…and your continuing engagement with the HR community is really great.

    Cheers to continuing success. And thanks so much for the kind words.

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