Xtreme HR Career Story Challenge

My friend Chris Ponder at XtremeHR is asking people to share their own career stories. I’ve talked about my HR career before, but I thought it would be fun to participate in his project as a showing of support for this great idea.¬†The back story of the challenge. I was supposed to answer the questions he asked in several shorter videos, but after being snowed in this week and having all kinds of crazy stuff come my way, I just shot it in one long video (my longest ever). This is my career story thus far with more detail than you ever imagined. :-) At the very end I am on the verge of a coughing fit and you can barely understand me. Sorry ’bout that!

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This series was a lot of fun, and he will be doing something like this quarterly if you ever want to participate. Just in case you wanted to find them, here are the 3 sets of questions I answered.

HRevolution 2011 Video

I shot the video below a while back, and it is currently playing on the HRevolution 2011 event registration page. By the way, tickets are for sale… :-) I thought it would be fun to share some of the back story of the event, how it’s different from other conferences, and what you should expect if you decide to attend. If you’ve already seen the video, feel free to share it with someone else! If not, then it’s a great primer on this revolutionary HR/recruiting event!

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Young HR Pros and #SHRM

I’m not sure how many of you knew it, but I have the honor of serving as the chairman for the SHRM YP committee. Not sure what that is? Well, the video below will clue you in. I talk about some of the things the Society for Human Resource Management is doing to target young professionals and a few reasons why it’s a hot button issue for me.

This week is going to be a busy one for me, so I’m considering a full week of videos. I recorded a handful while I was out of town last week, and if I can pull them together, you can listen/watch instead of read this week. Enjoy!

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Section 127 and employer education assistance

I shot this video as a way to share how Section 127 impacted me in my career and life. It’s on the chopping block this time around and I’m hoping Congress gets their act together to keep this thing going strong! Basically, Section 127 is a way for employers to get tax advantages from helping employees to pay for their education. Sounds kind of dry, but when you get into how it affects peoples’ lives (like my story below), you see how important it really is.

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Insights from my second day on the job

So, if you haven’t heard, I just started a new HR job yesterday (woohoo!). I was reading this great post on MonsterThinking today during lunch and realized how true it was. In the video below I talk about some of the drivers of employee engagement and the stark contrast between my last job and my current one. Yes, I’m still in the “ooh la la!” stage with my new job, but I can’t see my attitude towards work dropping like a rock as I did previously. Continue reading