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These are all the eBooks or essays I’ve written or participated in:

PHR Study Series Free eBook PHR Study Series This is a narrative describing the study process from start to finish.  It was originally published in multiple parts elsewhere, but after receiving dozens of comments and questions, I decided to update it some and combine it into a handy-dandy PDF for anyone to download and use at their own leisure.  Hopefully it will motivate you to success like it has done for so many others. And if you enjoy the free version, then you will get even more great help and useful information from the Rock the PHR study guide. It’s a precursor to the more advanced version, Rock the PHR. If you read the free guide and still want more assistance with preparing for the PHR exam, then check out Rock the PHR, because it will give you everything you need to be confident in your ability to pass the PHR exam.

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